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Brogrammers: Women Invented Your Job

Originally appeared as “An Open Letter to Brogrammers” in Franklin Veaux’s Journal. I wanted to share it, but it wasn’t PG-13, so I’m reposting here with edits.

Computer programming is a tough job. It’s not for the faint of heart or the fair of sex. It’s grueling, high-stress work, demanding that you sit on a comfortable chair in an air-conditioned office for hours on end, typing on a keyboard while looking at a monitor. Women just aren’t rugged enough for that.

Plus, as everyone knows, women can’t code. At best, they can maybe contribute in their small way to large open-source projects, but really, they’re much better suited for accessorizing PowerPoint presentations written by real coders–manly coders.

If this is the world you live in, bro, I’m afraid I have some really bad news for you. Continue reading