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Heartbeat logging while consuming Twitter streams using Phirehose

Phirehose is an awesomely useful Twitter Streaming API client library, written in PHP by Fenn Bailey.

Heartbeat logging is something that I originally added for Rainmaker, and I finally got around to contributing those modifications, which you can see here on GitHub.

Why log heartbeats in Phirehose?

  • To gain assurance that Phirehose is still alive, and actually functioning. In our case, missing tweets means lost money and unhappy clients. We needed to monitor this very closely.
  • To enable automatically detecting connection drops and rewinding the count parameter to pick up those tweets, or backfilling them in using the Twitter Search API.
  • To collect usage data for reporting purposes.


To use this, simply declare a heartbeat(array $data) method in your Phirehose child class. Continue reading