Quick ‘n Simple SQL Query Browser

This application is a minimalistic SQL query browser built on CodeIgniter. It supports any database CodeIgniter supports (which includes MySQL, PgSQL, MSSQL, ODBC…). I built it because I needed to experiment with some IBM Informix queries but I couldn’t find any good (and free) ODBC query browsers for Windows. This simple browser is fast, intuitive, and FREE.


See the Quick ‘n Simple SQL Query Browser in action.


  1. Download querybrowser.zip and extract it into your desired web host directory.
  2. Edit app/config/database.php and put in the information specific to the databases you will be using this with. The “system” database is a MySQL database used to store any queries you would like to save. This program will automatically create a table for this called “querybrowser” the first time it runs. The “server” database is the database you want to query, and can be any type of database that CodeIgniter supports.
  3. (optional) If you are installing this query browser to a subfolder instead of the document root, you will need to edit the “base_url” configuration variable in app/config/config.php. Note that this application expects the assets folder to be at the document root.

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