Here you’ll find a collection of add-ons that I use in my CodeIgniter applications. You may use them freely, as long as you provide credit to the author.



I’ve become tired of CodeIgniter’s $this-centeredness in favor of an easier, globally-accessible way to access core CodeIgniter objects such as libraries, models, view, and db. So… try this plugin on for size.

Paging Simplified

Paging Simplified is an alternative paging class that is easier to use than CodeIgniter’s default paging library.


Cron Bootstrapper

This is a simple bootstrapper file that you can use to directly run your CodeIgniter controllers from the commandline. It’s a very easy and elegant solution for using CI controllers for cron jobs. Plus, it also supports logging.

Quick ‘n Simple SQL Query Browser

This application is a minimalistic SQL query browser built on CodeIgniter. It supports any database CodeIgniter supports (which includes MySQL, PgSQL, MSSQL, ODBC…). I built it because I needed to experiment with some IBM Informix queries but I couldn’t find any good (and free) ODBC query browsers for Windows. This simple browser is fast, intuitive, and FREE.

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