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  1. I checked out source from repository and was not able to see anything. Is there anywhere else I can look to get more information on this widget. Looks awesome by the way

  2. its useless !
    first of all it doesnt respect jquery plugin codex
    second it totally overwrite original datapicker
    third you can’t even use original options, it ll just ignore them
    forth css + js code is rly lame

    i thought it ll be easier and quicker just to try to fix it, but its total waste of time, rather ll write my own

  3. If you’ll send me a link when you finish your version, I would be delighted to link to it.

    This was venturing into new territory for me, I don’t fully understand the methods of writing or extending jquery plugins. If you have any advice or tutorials you can point me to that would be very helpful.


  4. I found a bug whereby if the date field is empty, nothing is inserted into the field. I made a minor change to the plugin that seems to fix this bug. I am also using it with jquery 1.4.2 and UI version 1.7.2

    The plugin currently does not work with jquery UI version 1.8. I am trying to figure this one out.

    Here’s a working demo with a download link (everything included):


  5. I see a lot of time pickers use the slider approach, but sliders are a bit tedious for selecting specific times. I suggest you check out the Any+Time™ Datepicker/Timepicker AJAX Calendar Widget. It’s perhaps the fastest-and-easiest-to-use time picker available, because it uses simple buttons to select specific times with speed and ease. Deets/download here:


    An interesting test of usability is this: pick an odd time (say, 10:32pm), then see how long it takes to accurately select that time using various time pickers. You can probably do it faster with Any+Time™ than you could write out the time by hand–just try to find another picker you can say that about! Not to mention, Any+Time™ supports a countless variety of date/time formats, 12/24-hour clock, full CSS (or jQuery UI) customization and even time zones!

  6. Nice work Andrew! That is without a doubt the best date/timepicker I have seen ever.

    It would have been great to have used your plugin on my last project if only I could have found it.

    I will be recommending your plugin to my users in the future and will add a link to your timepicker in my own timepicker page.

  7. I disagree with Peter I think while the Any+Time™ Datepicker/Timepicker AJAX Calendar Widget is good it is way too intrusive in size and far more complicated in usability than what I’m looking for. I have searched high and low for the best time picker and here is what I found and suggest as the best: Timepicker Addon.Simple, compact, effective, easy to use, uses the jQuery UI themes, can be used as just a time picker or as a date and time picker, works with jQuery UI 1.8.2 and jQuery 1.4.2 – fantastic!! Thank you Trent Richardson.

  8. My complaint is all these huge scripts needing jQuery etc. I just want a simple datetime picker. The few I’ve seen aren’t that bad, but they’re usually missing just that one or two features, like toggle enable/disable selecting past or future dates, and supplying a date instead of auto-defaulting to current date. I don’t really care about styles, I can just tweak the hardcoded css until it looks like how I want it, I don’t need bloated theme handling crap.

    There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. Either people are writing simple mindless datetime pickers which barely handle any parameters, or full-out huge bloated crazy pickers with features I wouldn’t use.

  9. Hello,

    I’m trying to change the current CSS (v1.0.1) to leave the same way of this image but I can’t, what I need to change?

    Thanks a lot!

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